Weird but unique

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Overall I liked this book enough to keep reading. The writing style was not for me, it felt flat and too simple. Sometimes this is a good thing, this book is a page-turner, but I was hoping for more depth in writing. It lacked details and a story flow for me.
The reason I was interested in the story is the sisters. I thought I know what was going on, but then something happens and I am lost and confused again (in a good way).
Some of it was completely unrealistic, like the line about their mother, but these things never bother me. I loved the plot and the way it made you wonder what is focusing on here, sisters and their past or Curt? Who is the main focus of this story?
I absolutely loved the current marketing/social media aspect. This was very fun to read and follow Alexa's journey.
The ending was not what I expected, maybe a little rushed and fully explained.
Overall, I will recommend this book as a fast, page-turning unique thriller.