Thrilling read!!

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I really liked the plot based around twins and told from both their POV and the twin dynamic throughout the whole book. I liked the huge twist it had even though I had already guessed it early on but it was still thrilling to read it through! The twins were like oil and water, and even though they were sisters I could relate their relationships to a lot of real life relationships between friends or family so there was a lot of dynamic with that. Alexa had a past dealing with mental illness but was growing in her independence.... and then there's Beth giving the "I came in like a wrecking ball" Miley Cyrus vibes to try to ruin anything Alexa has created for herself. Alexa moving into the future, Beth trying to suffocate her in the past... what could go wrong?!?... well everything!! Read this thriller and see what in Alexa's past she couldn't run away from fast enough, and see how much her and Beth really are "a pair" the reveal of the "twinning sisters" will take you on a little ride of suspense! Thank you BookishFirst for the book copy I enjoyed this fast pace read!!