Solid Story!

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I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline of this book, I thought it was rather unique and the ending was definitely a wonderful twist and conclusion to the story. Unfortunately, it was lacking something for me. I think it was mostly the writing that was the problem for me, it was a bit vague. I wish there was more detail and more vivid descriptions. I also think it lacked flow, it just felt a bit more scattered then I would have liked. I think cohesiveness and flow are super important when it comes to thrillers like this and I just didn't get that with this story, unfortunately. So overall, I enjoyed the book. I think it was a good thriller story with a unique and interesting plot. I just think it could have used a little work when it came to the writing of it. I think I would still recommend this to friends who enjoy thrillers though because its a fairly quick one, so still worth the read in my opinion.