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This book is about Alexa, who is determined to set off on her own in the big city. But her plans are thrown off when her estranged sister shows up. I really enjoyed this book. It starts of so good, and keeps getting better, and makes you want to keep reading. The more you read, the more you learn about Alexa and Beths past. The more you are questioning what is going on. And there is truly so much happening and so much that they had happen in their past. I truly had no idea what was going on through this entire book. And it kept me guessing. This was a well written book, with great characters. I have to say, for an authors debut book, it was amazing. I will definitely check out any future books from this author if they are as good as this one. And if you love psychological thrillers, with all the twists, you’ll love this one. It definitely deserves a read. It was a fast read, and it will hold you attention throughout.