Predictable, yet engrossing

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When I originally read a sneak peek excerpt of J.C. Bidonde's Do You Follow? I was pretty sure I knew what the big secret of the twin sisters would be however I still I wanted to read it to see HOW they got there. The book is incredibly engrossing, even if the some of the post pandemic language is not correct (book is set in 2021 and the protagonist Alexa exclusively talks about the coronavirus as if we don't have to worry about it any more.)

The synopsis teases a couple of other "twists" about the sisters' mom and relationships with a boyfriend that seem almost unnecessary and extraneous to the core of the book, except that they help confirm just how unreliable our narrators our (possibly some of the best unreliable narrating I have ever seen).

I have a personal theory about the "truth" behind the story that I can't really disclose because it would give away other parts of the twistiness and I do my best not to spoil a book for other readers.

Overall I found this to be a really great read. Yes, most thriller readers will have it figured out in about two pages. Bidonde's writing style makes for a pleasant (so to speak) journey.