Okay but disappointing

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This book sounds super good at first but it was extremely underwhelming. I have some issues with the book. It seemed to be usually mental illness as a plot device and reveal rather than in addition. Sometimes that’s not necessarily a problem but it felt like one in this book. I really wanted to love this book but I just didn’t. The book read as if the narrator was unreliable but it just felt like nothing they did or said made sense to the person we’re introduced to in the beginning, even after the big revelation it still the same person. Everything in this book felt unrealistic, not the mental illness, more so her moving to New York, getting a job at a cool company and being listened to and used with zero work experience. Not to mention her just randomly meeting this hot influencer and immediately dating. I feel like there was far too many plots going on and the author could have just kept the plot about the sisters and still had the same ending. I think it would have been much better. Nevertheless a very interesting story.