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Alexa is exceedingly excited to start the next chapter in her life. Not only is she about to start a new job in marketing, she is moving to New York City and living in her own apartment for the first time. Her joy is short-lived when Beth, her twin sister, arrives back into her life the day she moves to the big city. Both Alexa and Beth have spent time in Weinstein Center, a psychiatric center, but Alexa is intent on living her best life moving forward, which includes a new relationship with a man named Curt. When Beth grows suspicious of Curt and his motives, secrets about the girls’ shared history begin to reveal themselves, putting Alexa’s relationship with Curt and with her sister in jeopardy.

While I was entertained by Do You Follow?, I cannot express in words how much I wish the book summary on the back did not reference the fact that Alexa suffers from DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. I feel as though I would have figured it out rather early on, but it seems as though that discovery was taken away from the reader. There are still some surprising revelations along the way,