Loved it!

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This book was a total surprise to me. The plot twists and turns had me thoroughly engrossed from page one. Not at all what I expected. The mind is a fantastic thing, how it can make a mess of someone's life. Mental illness is not a joke and I think that is what the author was trying to get at. A very suspenseful novel to be sure. Loved it!

The tragedies that the twins endured, no wonder their minds were messed up. Even though I had read the book's blurb beforehand, I knew that Beth was a twin to Alexa and that she had died. Alexa kept her alive in her imagination. Everything seemed perfect in Alexa's life, good job, living in NYC, something she always wanted to do, there was just something a bit off about the whole situation.

Enter Curt, a man too good to be true for Alexa, then Beth intervenes and no good can come of this.

This book was a page-turner! I loved it! Love a psychological thriller? Then this one is for you!