It wasn't for me.

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"Do You Follow" was an intensely paced action thriller with plenty of surprising twists and odd moments, but it essentially did not turn out to be a book that I enjoyed. As much as I do tend to like techno-thrillers and books with high stakes, I felt that this was chock ful of dark moments and plot lines that didn't play out in a way that I enjoyed. The dialogue was a bit unrealistic, and unfortunately, this was not a novel that I could visualize while reading. This is important to me, as I feel that visually exciting books are the best.

I fully could read a future novel by this author, but I do not particularly think it was a strong start. This may be the best and favorite book by other readers, I just felt that we didn't have the book to reader chemistry that I expect when reading books.

Lastly, I do think the writer has the chops, but I look forward to reading their work in the future, after they've improved.