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Do we like stories about twins? Oh, yes, we do. There are so many ways these stories can go. From twins turning on each other to twins pretending to be each other, twin stories can take us places we didn't expect we could go.
This twin story is interesting. Both twins spent time in a psychiatric clinic. Alexa was released, and is now working and living on her own. Beth stayed longer at the clinic, but was finally released also. She immediately moved in with her twin. All is fine in that small space, until Alexa gets a boyfriend. Things get tricky in Alexa's small New York apartment.
Stop here if you don't want spoilers. About the middle of the book, before Alexa's boyfriend showed up, I started to get the feeling that one of these twins wasn't real. Oh, she had existed, but she died sometime before the start of this novel. I wasn't positive which one wasn't there. A couple of chapters later, I was positive Beth was currently only in Alexa's imagination. It was very skillfully done.
There is a second thread in this book, shadowed by the title of the book. Alexa works in marketing, particularly marketing social media influencers. This is a thing I haven't paid much attention to, but I'm older. These influencers have followers, sometimes in the multiple millions. They start trends and push brands and change the behavior of large groups of people. Alexa's boyfriend, Curt, wants to be an influencer. He cooks on camera. He only has 30,000 followers. He needs 1,000,000 to be able to monetize his YouTube channel. He thinks something spectacular, like getting shot on camera, will increase his numbers quickly. He picks Alexa on purpose to get that number boost, or so Beth claims. This whole desire for followers is strange to me, while I know it exists. But that is a whole other issue.
I found the book very interesting. There were several things to think about like multiple personalities, the size of New York apartments, the amount of free time Alexa seems to have. It kept me busy, reading the story and trying to figure out what was really going on.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from BookishFirst.