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1. Quick Read, 2. Alternating POV's, 3. Psychological Thriller. All three things i like my books i read to have. I would rate Do You Follow by J.C. Bidone a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The cover caught my attention right away along with the title. I really like the cover and the colors, its interesting. Do You Follow is a psychological thriller that is a fun quick little read. It is a slower thriller at the beginning that did pick up a lot towards the end. i felt like i should have known that ending but i did not see it coming at all. I did go into this one completely blind, which i think probably helps as i i had seen some reviews that say do not read the back of the book as it reveal's to much. I always do enjoy phycological thrillers and twins is always fun and also the alternating point of view i like. Did i enjoy this book, yes. Would i recommend this book, yes.