I gave it a good try!

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Well, let me just say I tried.
I almost DNF'ed it, but as it was an ARC, I really stumbled through this book.
First off, I guessed the "twist" like 8% in the book. That alone would be frustrating, but still OK.
Moreover, I had to suspend my belief many times, too many times, way too many times! Oh, and the eye-rolls.
Moreover, I think the Dr/psychologist is one of the most inexperienced and unprofessional woo-woo doctors ever. I would not trust him at all!
Moreover, some of the storylines went nowhere or were cut so short, it almost gave me whiplash! Maybe the plot lines were not very well thought over or forgotten or did not lead where the author intended, I am not sure. But it did not satisfy me.
Moreover, I have lots of unanswered questions - or does this novel have too many plot holes?

I understand this is a thriller and it cannot be true to life believable, but I felt like this book was asking for me too much to suspend my belief.
I felt bad writing such a critical review for a debut novel, but I wanted to be honest with the author and with myself.
I did not enjoy this book, but I did think the writing was quite enthralling.