I didn't really like it

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At first, I liked the way the book was going, the writing was nice and I was excited for the plot. But as the story progressed I didn't really care for the way it was written, especially every time Alexa and Curt had sex, to me it was written really weirdly. I also think that Beth's character should be developed in the sense of how her interactions are being presented. I did finish reading the book because I was curious about how it finished but that was pretty much it.

I did like the multiple povs, you'll get me with it every time.

I also liked the trial and what was happening with that but I think it could also be developed more. Have more time for this huge moment. It plays such a huge part in Alexa's development but also leads to us finding out more about Curt.

Overall I think that there's a good basis for the book and I think some may enjoy it but I feel like it was just missing something or needed a bit more time.