Great Thriller

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This is a story about two twins named Beth and Alexa. I enjoy stories about twins because they always have a strong connection that I don't feel I'll ever understand. Alexa is the main character and has had a tough past. She has lived with mental illness and is just beginning to get her life back. She lost her mom and her dad supports her as best he can. Alexa is moving out to be on her own in NYC after getting a new job. The job is helping promote people on social media. She seems to have a good handle on her life. Her twin sister Beth shows up and that's when her life starts to go downhill again.

I enjoyed the storyline. I appreciated the struggles that Alexa experienced. She worked to overcome her past in order to be successful. The twist (while somewhat predictable), was still good. I didn't think the ending was that great either but overall it was an easy enjoyable read.