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It was a surprisingly ok read! I love thrillers and was drawn to this story when I first read about it. However there was not much hook for me it felt with this story. I ended up feeling bored and liken i was having to force myself to finish. As far as a review without spoilers, I think if you're into basic thriller stories you will like this book. I however felt it to be just a little on the boring side... however that's not to say it wasnt well written. The author did well describing the events of this book. I also recieved some extra little goodies with my book and thought that was really cool! Definitely give this book a try if you like thrillers that take place I'm a city and a dysfunctional family dynamic lol. I still thought the book did surprisingly well and think most people will like it! It just wasn't personally my favorite and wasn't really for me!