An Easy Read

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This YA thriller focuses on twins and their history of mental illness.

Alexa lives with her widowed father, who is overprotective due to her and her sister's actions. Something happened that sent her to a mental hospital and has caused her sister Beth to be banished. After graduation, Alexa puts her foot down and moves to New York on her own. She wants to create her own life. Plus, her therapist lives there. She gets a great job at a PR firm and meets a man who would soon become her boyfriend. Alexa is over the moon if only her sister Beth hasn't shown up. Because when Beth is around, chaos ensues.
I have to say I saw part of the twist coming and I should have guessed the second. This part of the twist has become cliche and I read a book not too long that had the same concept. Author J.C. Bidonde does try to switch it up a little bit with the boyfriend becoming part of Alexa's downfall.
I was frustrated with the writing. There was a continued discussion of a diary. But nothing is ever given in it. The subject encompassed in it comes to Alexa another way which led the diary as a red herring. This subject of so many fights really meant nothing in the end.
Other than the diary issue, the story is well-paced. Chapters are short and you've read more than you think you have once you've put the book down. The change of perspectives is interesting even if it doesn't round out the characters. Overall, it's a pretty easy read.
For me, this wasn't a great book. While it's well-paced, it's cliche with red herrings that disappoint.