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Loved it!!

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My first read by Lynda La Plants and it was great
It starts off with action and ends with action! There was a wee bit of Drama with Jane as she dealt with being the first female on the flying squad. She's a hard working detective and once she find the true meaning of why she was placed on the flying squad, she didn't let it stop her from being a great detective. She held her own and proved herself to be "one of the guys"
There are a few mentions of previous cases that Jane covered in the other books in this series, you can read this as a stand alone in my opinion.

Like I said, there is a lot of actions. From high speed chases, to uncovering who actually robbed the bank.
The ending isn't what I thought would of at all. Totally surprised by that. Not a cliffhanger, but just shocked that a few flying squad members were not part of the case, that this book is all about. I don't want to give it away, you need to read for yourself.