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Love the Jane Tennison character.

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Jane Tennison’s career progresses once again in The Dirty Dozen. Assigned to the Flying Squad, she finds herself involved in the investigation of a bank robbery on her first day. The men of this unit are dependent on each other as they chase violent criminals and don’t believe that any woman is capable of succeeding in their world. Even though Jane passed her interviews and has developed an excellent record in her six years with the police, she once again has her doubts when she learns that her assignment to the unit is an experiment. Despite the negative comments and put-downs by members of the squad, she does find support from their forensics member when she makes a number of discoveries and suggestions as they work together.

Lynda LaPlante takes the reader into the squad room and out on the streets with the squad, painting a clear picture of the dangers and pressures faced by these officers. Her books covering Tennison’s early career take place during a period when women were fighting to be accepted onto the force. She has proven herself over and over and I look forward to seeing her career progress in the future.

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