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I'm a fan of the old Prime Suspect television series starring Helen Mirren as London police officer Jane Tennison so I was eager to read this crime fiction novel, which features a younger Jane Tennison as the main character. In this book, Jane has been a police officer for six years and done well - she is now a detective. At the beginning of this book, she is assigned to the famous Flying Squad - an elite group of detectives who are supposed to stop armed robberies before they occur, or failing that to catch the robbers afterward. Jane thinks this assignment is a reward for her hard work and success as an officer, but after she arrives she discovers that she is to be the squad's token woman (it's the 1980's in the book) and her boss definitely does not want her there. This book is billed as a thriller, but I'd call it a police procedural - it's as much about Jane's struggle to gain the respect and acceptance of her colleagues as it is about catching the bad guys. I enjoyed it very much.
Disclosure - I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.