A wild ride for Jane- the “Sweeney” squad’s new detective and she’s a woman!

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The first few pages of the Dirty Dozen immediately pulled me and captured my attention. I felt like I was on a wild ride with Jane Tennison as she arrives at the station to begin her first day with the “Flying squad “ of detectives also known as the “Sweeney.” Jane is the first woman to be assigned to this renowned squad of men. The only problem is, no one is expecting her, no one knows why she’s there and more importantly, no one has informed the men of the “Sweeney” about her new assignment. Welcome to Janes first day!

From the very moment Jane shows up everything is crazy. No one is expecting her. The all man squad of the “Sweeney” are unaware of her transfer and from the start they question her abilities. Rather than meeting with the man in charge, who isn’t even there, she’s whisked away with the men to stop a possible bank robbery. Thus, Jane begins a wild ride, at very dangerous speeds, in hot pursuit of the robbers. While driving to the scene, they’re all listening to the officers in pursuit of the robber’s vehicle. They hear the officers taking on fire, someone is hit, and then they hear the crunching of metal. What will the “Sweeney” find when they arrive on the scene?

While driving with the men, Jane senses the camaraderie and bond of respect among the group and immediately feels like an outsider. Will she be able to prove that she is more than capable to hold her own in this all male squad? Will they allow her to actively participate in the squad or will she always be told to hang back?

This first glimpse of The Dirty Dozen was very exciting and adventurous. I found the description of the men on the squad to be amusing. They certainly seemed like a very colorful and slightly odd assortment of men. The book’s style of writing pulled me in, had me anticipating what’s next, and left me wanting to know more about the squad and how they will adjust to their first woman detective. I look forward to reading more about their investigation and learning more about Jane and her odd assortment of fellow “Sweeney” detectives. I really like the very colorful cover. It definitely captures the eye!