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I really loved Deal with the Devil and here are a few reasons I think other people will love it too:

1. Great world building-post apocalyptic America! Loved it! (I mean, I loved reading about it-not living it)

2. Team of FIERCE females kicking butt! They hold the power by using information. Love women who use their brains and win. Who runs the world? GIRLS!

3. Solidly intriguing plot-danger, banter, and more combine to create an engaging plot

Seriously-give the new series a shot! I think you will really like it! I can't wait for more of the mercenary librarians and see where Rocha takes these characters. Nina and Knox are ying/yang for sure and it just works so well. Despite the dystopian setting, Nina is still kind of an optimist. It's the perfect foil to Knox's cranky pessimism.