Mission Impossible Eat Your Heart Out

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The future is a terrible place, unless you are part of the post-apocalyptic business's whose sole purpose is to control information and in itself, humanity. The business creates super soldiers who are a mix between the A-Team and X-Men. They aren't machines but machines have enhanced their abilities. They aren't mutants but have certain skills also enhanced. Intelligence, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, strategy, and strength. These super soldiers are created to get people who are activly working against big business. Things are bad for everyone, unless you are a "librarian". These three women are former alpha level super soldiers who are more of a mix between the terminator and the Avengers. Still, not mutants or machines. These alphas escaped and started gathering books, preserving them, digitizing them, and making them available to the people they protect. They are the enemy.
This book takes the reader on an adventure to find a legendary library even Indiana Jones couldn't survive yet alone find. The character development, adventure, and emotion all are weaved together perfectly making this a must read and never put down until you finish.