Laughable at Best.

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The idea of mercenary librarians was laughable. I couldn't get around the image in my head and that almost stopped me from reading. The cover could have been better - it felt like the cover was created by someone stuck in 2006 and just doesn't catch the eye of a reader of today.

The report on the first page made me groan. Like, come on, we've already had so many books before this one to have that idea, and while those books were successful in utilising the idea, the author seemed to have felt like adding it because it's 'trendy'. I DON'T WANT TRENDY. I want unique and original. And stop using over-complicated biological 'names'. Not all of us are biology scientists.

The book felt like it was written for the young teenagers first stepping into the teenagers section of a book store. While a young teenager may think, "Oh, cool! I'm finally reading books that have people killed in them," it just makes me assume that the author wrote it for that target age group of 10-15.

Not impressive. The immature writing style, the cover, the synopsis. Laughable. Wrong target age group.