Interesting premise then fell

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It started out so well! I wanted to learn more about her and see what path she’d take. How she’d survive and who she encountered. I generally like most dystopian books and was ready to dive in and see her be a badass. But it turned into a giant romantic book and that I didn’t really care for. I didn’t know that it was like that when I requested it or I would not have. If you like dystopian books with heavy romance then this book is for you. It had potential to be amazing and I’m sure people who love these kind of books would be all about it! But keep in mind, it could be almost erotica in some places and definitely a mature book. It may have been better if I had read previous books by the team of Kit Rocha and if you’re a fan of those books, it is my understanding that this would absolutely be right up your alley too and explain some things for you as well. While I won’t seek out their work, I can recommend it to ones who might like it.