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Exceeded my expectations

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Nothing like reading a post-apocalyptic story during a pandemic but at least it’s sci-fi romance so I knew I’d get a happy ending. And my goodness what a fantastic story this turned out to be! I’ve been anticipating its release ever since Kit Rocha announced the deal and it was more than worth the wait.

Knox and Nina are both the leaders of their respective teams. They carry the weight of responsibility in different ways. Nina is the sunshine to Knox’s seriousness and they balance each other out. There is a huge reason why they shouldn’t get involved but of course they’re going to. Normally lie of omission plots annoy me to no end but I completely got why it happened here. There are high stakes and when you add in a layer of not knowing who to trust, no amount of attraction is going to level the playing field. That said, I loved how Knox and Nina were drawn to each other regardless of those stakes.

This story focuses on Nina and Knox but the side characters are just as great. Maya has perfect auditory memory and Dani has superhuman reflexes and reaction times. Then there’s Knox’s team: Rafe, Gray, Conall, as well as deceased member Mace. I cannot wait to see the various pairings! Dani and Rafe are going to be particularly explosive.

For a series about mercenary librarians, this installment didn’t have much by way of books or librarianship. However, we know access to books and information is extremely important to Nina, Maya, and Dani. The ending sets up something big for the series arc and I have no doubt books will play a much larger role in the next book.

In terms of heat level, don’t expect Beyond series steaminess. But the sex scenes, while fewer, are no less satisfying. Nina and Knox have major chemistry and I was here for it.

I seriously couldn’t put this down! I’m excited to see how the series develops. There’s lots more to learn about the Protectorate and the Franklin Center. If that twist at the end is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride.

CW: attempted mugging, murder in self-defense, violence, poverty, past death of sisters, past death of friend/team member, seizures, cage fighting, vigilante justice