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DARK AND SHALLOW LIES is a YA mystery that centers around a missing girl (Elora) in a small Louisiana bayou town. Just about everyone in this small town has magical powers, which makes the disappearance all the more eerie. Elora has a group of friends who have been extremely close since birth, but Elora’s disappearance starts to show the cracks in some of their friendships.

This book is perfect for fans of YA fantasy. I myself am not particularly drawn to this genre, and I think that deeply impacted the experience I had with the book. I thought it was okay, definitely overwritten at times, and the ending was not my favorite. What I did enjoy was the main character, Grey, and the semi-love triangle she found herself in. Grey’s grandmother, Honey, was also a great character that I loved learning more about. Overall this wasn’t for me, but I would encourage my YA fantasy fans to give it a try!