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I rarely give 5 star reviews to books, but this one absolutely deserved every single one of them. Dark and Shallow lies is a debut novel that will blow your mind. A Young adult thriller set in La Cachette, a backwoods bayou town where everyone has some kind of psychic ability, we discover the Summer Children. 10 children born in the same year, all connected to one another. Grey and Elora are "two flames lit from the same match", best friends who are bonded in ways one can only imagine. But when Elora disappears without a trace, Grey has to rely on the powers she hasn't developed yet to find her. What Grey discovers though is that even in a town of psychics, the people around her are good at keeping secrets.
I had a hard time putting this book down. The cover alone is enough to make you want to pick this book up and read. Bravo on this amazing debut!