Gray and Elora

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Gray is one of the Summer Children, ten children born between the vernal equinox in March and the autumnal equinox in September. She was born in La Cachette, LA, the self-proclaimed Psychic Capital of the World. Most of these children have psychic "powers", except for Gray. She was born on the same day as Elora. They considered themselves to be twins from different mothers. Gray's mother died when she was eight. She had to leave La Cachette to live with her father's family, but she got to spend each summer with her grandmother. During her 16th year, while she was oh in Little Rock with her father, Elora disappeared.
Gray is devastated. Elora, her twin flame, vanished into the bayou. No one, except her killer, knew what happened or where she went. Gray wants to find her, but no one will talk about it. All she finds is another pair of twins who were born the summer she was, making the Summer Children an even dozen, Only no one knew about them. Their father was an outcast, living on the edge of the bayou.
Every summer one or more hurricanes blow through their bayou. Most just make things wetter, raising the water level. Every now and then, one causes damage. This summer one is poised to hit La Cachette head on. Gray pushes her investigation to the last possible moment.
You don't have to believe in psychic abilities to enjoy this story. It raises goosebumps. I found the story exciting and interesting. If you like YA stories and you aren't interested in dragons or the Chosen One saving the world, this is a good read.
I read the copy of this book for this review from BookishFirst.