Eerie and Chilling

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This isn't my typical type of book, but I really enjoyed it. Ginny Myers Sain is an amazing writer, weaving together prose and rich plot to make characters pop off the pages and make me turn my head to look over my own shoulder even after I've closed the book.

For the most part, I thought the pacing was near perfect. There were only a very few spots where I was slightly bored or a little confused because everything was moving so quickly, but I loved watching the mystery of Elora's vanishment unfold. I usually am able to predict plot twists and what is going to happen, but I found myself being so wrong on so many occasions. I love the fact that this book is so unpredictable.

The fact that this little town, population 106, holds secrets and magic users, of all places, is stunning to me. I love Grey helping her grandmother run her shop and the betrayal she feels at learning everyone has been hiding secrets. This is a great read!