Dark and Magic required

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Just looking at the cover and title of this book made me excited and want to read it. Plus add in the magic since it does take place in La Cachette, a town full of psychics and other special powers and it really ramped up my excitement. Though all is not well. There are secrets that are rotting the town from the inside out and Grey has returned for the summer to try to find out what happened to her twin flame, Elora. Both were part of the "Summer Children" all born around the same time and special too.

I could feel the humidity and heat of this swampy town as I read it (nicely descriptive!) and I could not figure out the mystery of what happened to Elora. I kept thinking it was one person but was totally side blinded by the truth. So many secrets and so little time, only one summer. There is sadness and heartbreak in this book but I enjoyed it. I think this was a good book to read.