4 stars for Dark & Shallow Lies

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I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a huge fantasy/magic reader, but I absolutely LOVED this YA from Ginny Myers Sain.

It pulled me in right away and despite being 400 pages, was a fast read. I loved the cast of characters and getting to know their back stories as well as the way these 10 children of summer fit together. This was the perfect atmospheric read, set in a small town near New Orleans known for it's psychics and supernatural powers. The swamp bayou vibes along with premonitions, tarot readings and visions added to the suspenseful, dark vibes of what happened to Elora who has ben missing for 6 months, as well as what happened 13 years ago when twin four-year-old girls were found floating upside down in the water.

This small town has as many secrets as it does residents. This coming-of-age story shows us what happens when generational secrets try to stay buried and people fear turning into their parents/previous generations.

I loved the significance of the impending hurricane as the mystery came unraveled and we finally learn what happened to Elora and the girls from a decade ago.

Highly recommend.