A different kind of mystery

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I love mysteries of all kinds and this one sounds like it could be a fun and different one.

Grey lives in a town full of psychics, but none of them can help when her best friend, Elora, goes missing. Grey says she is not one, but then she get a flash of Elora running through the rain in the dark and she can feel Elora's terror. This makes me think that maybe her family's psychic abilities do run through her, but they just haven't developed yet. Throw in a mysterious boy who suddenly appears and may have ties to Elora and the town's past and you've got a story with more questions than answers.

The cover is super pretty and evokes the bayou where the story takes place, with an alligator eye in the corner, the moon shining down, and the flowers floating on the surface.

I hadn't heard of this book until now and I can't wait to read it.