Talk about a fitting title

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Talk about a fitting title

I originally got this book to read to see if it was going to be good representation and an impactful book for a classroom library. It was so much more than that. This book quickly became of my my all time favorites, and I struggled to put it down so that I could do anything else. This is a book that makes you want even more.

It is a beautiful tale of family, friendship, and mental health. Taking that mental health is a subject that is so important for adolescents (and adults) to tackle, I am very satisfied with the way this books showed that it is normal/okay to not always be/feel okay.

The author does a great job created a character that whether it is because you relate to him or care for him, you feel an attachment to him for some reason.

The book is an easy read because of the writing style, making it great for people who have a hard time getting into books. Would be wonderful for a classroom.