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I Wish I Had This is Highschool

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I really enjoy Darius the Great is Not OKay. As someone with depression, I could empathize even if I was not of the same culture.
Darius isn't okay. He is dealing with high school BS and bullying. Half Persian, he feels he doesn't fit in with his American counterparts. Plus, he suffers from clinical depression which makes everything worse. When his family finds out that his grandfather has a tumor, they visit Iran. Ther he still doesn't fit in, but at least now he has a friend to help him learn it's ok not to be okay.
I love the book for several reasons. The first is how open it is about being a teen and how it feels to have depression. I could empathize with Darius and really rooted for him. I loved learning about Persian culture and Iran. I loved the overall message.
I wish this book had been around when I was in high school; it could have helped me through dark times.