A book everyone can probably relate to.

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I finally found the book and it was well worth the wait. It got packed away when we moved and I struggled to find it. This book had a ton of things that many people myself included could relate to. I don't have family overseas but I do have family on the other side of the country that I get to see maybe once a decade. The culture shock is real. The anx of being a teenager with internal reservations and fear are real.

The book follows Darius and his family as they go meet his grandparents in Iran. Darius feels out of place as he is from America and only feels half Persian. He is very insecure and not one with a ton of friends. He gets to know his grandparents of which his grandfather has a brain tumor. He gets to know more about his heritage and best of all he gets to know himself. He makes a best friend who he may or may not have deeper feelings for.

This book was well worth the wait and I really enjoyed it. It is a quick, entertaining and absorbing read.