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Pretty good!

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I read Cupid's Match on Wattpad a few months back. Books on Wattpad are usually half-baked and somewhat hard to follow. However, Cupid's Match was a fun, easy read that kept me interested. There were a lot of problems here and there, but it didn't affect my reading too much.
I bought a copy on Amazon and read it in a breeze. Lauren worked hard to fix a good chunk of problems in the book, but not all of them.
Firstly, it's obvious that Lauren is British and had a hard time writing an American high school setting. I found myself re-reading dialogue in confusion, because some teenage characters were speaking strangely (i.e, saying things like "You've not been carrying that around all day, have you?" Which sounds fine for a British teenager, but is way too proper for an American teenager)
Secondly, I don't think Lauren fleshed Lila out enough. She is a cardboard cut out of any other YA novel character. She wears leather jackets and converse (and feels out of place in dresses), defies anyone who speaks to her, is irritated easily, is cocky and teases her love interests (yes, there are two), and has a black girl as a sidekick. Yep. A token black character. A sassy black girl who kisses Lila's boyfriend and is mainly used to progress the plot, but isn't really a character on her own.
If Lila was a more interesting character and had hobbies, likes, a personality, and so on, I would be able to connect to her better.
I do enjoy Cal and Cupid, with minor exceptions. Cal is a cool, cutthroat character that I do enjoy. Lauren did a good job of developing his voice and learning how to write him well. On the other hand, Cal and Lila's relationship feels repetitive. They're either blushing at each other and warily gazing into each other's eyes OR Cal is hiding something dire and Lila is prying and prodding and whining until Cal confesses. Then the chapter ends. And then it happens all over again.
The book is pretty good overall! I do have some minor problems, stated above, but other than that I think the book is easy to read. Lauren seems to have a strong connection to her characters and I feel if she learns how to flesh them out better, she could truly be an amazing author.