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Not my genre but enjoyed!

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This was my first dive into young adult paranormal romance and even though I was kind of nervous, I have to say that I enjoyed what I read. I was happy starting my YA paranormal romance adventure with this book because I thought the concept was very original and I had never seen another book that featured Cupid (even in romance). I liked the concept of Cupid and people being matched by cupids in real life. I found that very original and that was probably one of my favorite storylines of the book. I also thought it was pretty exciting that the cupids used these arrows that had different types of powers for their targets which added a little sense of thrill for me. I never found myself bored and appreciated that the story started off pretty quick.
When it comes to the characters, I thought they were typical young adult cliché characters which there is nothing wrong with. Lila is strong headed and skeptical the beginning and of course her views start to change as the story progress. Her love interest was also just a typical young adult immortal romance interest.
Overall I think this book was okay. I enjoyed the Cupid aspect of it and the way that worked throughout the story and that they took this mythological plot and put it into a modern setting. I think this would be a good story for young adults who have an interest in fairy tales or mythological stories and who also enjoy heavy romance themes.