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Cute, cute, cute

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I am a huge Greek Mythology fan, and I try to read everything about that world. When I saw this on Bookishfirst I KNEW I have to read it, especially when I saw a short pilot shot by CW.

I liked the book. Yes, it was not the best that is out there and at times it seemed that there was a lot going but nothing really, but I like the adventurous side of it. I liked and at the same time disliked how they fell in love, but again, it was fun to follow the journey.

One thing though, why writers lately turn MY FAVORITE Gods into villains?😅

I think we need the second book as soon as possible, because the story was left un concluded.

Another complain that I had was the love triangle... I hate thoseC but especially when it is between a girl and 2 brothers, ummmm NO!!! So please, please, please, give us the 2nd book without this dramaz