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Cool ideas, vague characters and plot

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This is the second Wattpad Books work I have read, and I do really like the idea of supporting Wattpad writers. Unfortunately, I had some problems with this one.

First, let’s talk about the things I did like. I really enjoy mythology inspired fantasy. I’m not sure if it is Greek or Roman (Venus is Roman, but I thought Medusa was Greek…), but either way, I enjoyed it. It brings back Percy Jackson memories, so I was excited to try this one out. And there were some really neat ideas in Cupid’s Match. The fantasy was fairly well-developed, if a little under-explained at times. I’m assuming she gives more detail in the next book.

However, the romance and the plot left a lot lacking for me. I didn’t get the Lila/Cupid pairing at all. I mean, I understand he’s attractive (he’s supposed to be the god of love, for Pete’s sake), but…is that all? I didn’t really feel like he was all that charming (although he was supposed to be) and he was just…so…boring? Like every other cliche hero ever. Sadly, I felt much the same about Lila. Her mother is dead (which is sad, but cliche), and she is mentioned in the beginning as wearing a leather jacket and not looking like Cupid’s match (which is never really followed up on). So she’s supposed to be different from other girls, but she really isn’t. The only character I could get behind was Cal. He seemed to have more depth than the rest of them.

The plot wasn’t much better. If you’ve read the descriptions online, you know the gist of what happens. They spend half the book running away from murderous cupids, and the other half…falling in love? Fighting/conspiring against Venus? The direction was a bit vague for me. The main villain (Venus) wasn’t even introduced until fairly late in the book.

I will give Cupid’s Match credit for a pretty nice ending. She brought in a lot more aspects from mythology, which was fun, and introduced a love triangle (which in this case, I liked). There were periods that were corny as all get out, but overall, I liked the way Cupid’s Match was wrapped up. Honestly, I think a lot of the pointless junk in the middle could have been cut and more detail added at the end. There was a labyrinth, and it didn’t get nearly enough attention.