What would you do if you were told Cupid is real, he’s dangerous and he’s coming for you?

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This first impression of Cupid’s Match is definitely very intriguing! The plot and its premise are truly unique and the story quickly pulled me in and captured my attention.

Lila Black is receiving very annoying letters, emails and text messages from a company called Cupid’s Matchmaking Service- a dating agency she’s never heard of and definitely never signed up for. The company’s correspondence informs her that they normally don’t like to contact people and prefer to do their work behind the scenes but after running her information through their system, they feel that she should come in. The letters are signed - “Yours Urgently”.

Despite trying to contact the company, her phone calls are never answered and her online searches reveal no information about the dating agency. Trying to get some answers, Lila finds herself on her last day of summer break traveling by bus to Los Angelos. When she arrives at the company with her five letters in hand she is unprepared for what she discovers. The company’s building is a huge tower. The people inside all look perfect and are dressed in white suits. Then, she is surprisingly informed by one of the agents Cal that the workers are real, actual CUPID’s and that they have been matching people for centuries! OKAY?! From there the news gets even more unbelievable. Lila is in danger! Her boyfriend is not her match because her match is with “the undesirable” Cupid himself. Lila is told that Cupid is dangerous, and that he will come after her. Lila doesn’t know what to believe but when she sees Cupid’s picture she can’t deny he’s extremely good looking and she’s definitely attracted!

Although I usually do not read supernatural/immortal types of stories, I do like mythology. Thus, I really enjoyed this excerpt. I thought it was very creative and entertaining and I look forward to reading more of this story! The cover definitely catches the eye.