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Wattpad Authors FTW!

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Okay, so as awful as it is to judge an author by where they started I am someone who is always skeptical when it comes to Wattpad authors for many reasons. This however? Not the case. Cupid's Match immediately enticed me with it's vibrant but sleek cover and it's interesting synopsis. My skepticism went right out the window as soon as I started reading. Lila is snarky and relatable, the descriptive language is amazing, and it flowed beautifully! When I reached the end of the first look I actually said "Wait, what?!" because I hadn't realized I'd gotten so involved in the story with such a small sneak peek. I really would love to see just where Cupid's Match leads if it drew me into its world that easily. If I don't receive the ARC I could definitely see myself purchasing it when it's released. Absolutely loved it!