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Judging a Book by It's Source

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Okay, yes I made a snap judgement here but I don't entirely regret it because I don't think that I am entirely wrong. When I saw that this was a Wattpad Original, I will admit I groaned. After hearing about "The Cellar" and "After", I wondered about what I was going to be reading. But I am a lover of mythology and Cupid and Psyche is one of my favorites so I tried to keep an open mind.

I should have stuck with my gut because it knows me the best. The book started out quickly with some cringe worthy moments like Lila comparing herself to the perfect Crystal or how Cal was too clean cut for her tastes. I don't mind these aspects I just wish that they were written better.

At this time, I won't continue reading this book but if I do get the craving for a sweet, guilty pleasure read I know where to find it!