A Paranormal romance that will leave you breathless!

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This is my first Wattpad Books novel and I am very impressed! Right away my interest is piqued by this mysterious dating agency and how and why they’re insistently contacting teen Lila Black, who HAS A BOYFRIEND, like she keeps reminding everybody, SHEESH!

The hook is there from page one and continues to reel you in with every page, making it easy for me to invest and sympathize with this totally unreal situation she’s been thrown into because, guess what, she’s been matched with Cupid himself! Who, coincidentally, is also the cautionary tale spread sound the office about why cupids facilitate love but don’t actually fall in love themselves.

I would love to read on! I get the feeling this is the kind of book that will make you cranky books 2 and 3 aren’t out yet!