It was so good!

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First off, like I said in my first impression the cover is gourgous! I absolutely love it and thinks it fits the vibe of the book perfectly. Second off, this book was okay.There are some badass females in this book, especially Csilla. She is a force to be recked with, I did enjoy it, but other than that the book is just a typical YA novel, it’s missing a plot twist or something special that would make it stand out from the other YA novels. The Writing is not up to a typical published novel, but if you read a lot of fan fiction or e- books on sites like Wattpad and Inkitt then you should be pretty use to it, it’s that type of writing. It’s alittle overly simplified and sometimes doesn’t make sense but you can get the general plot.Overall, if you six of crows and daughter of a pirate king then you should like this book, it follows a Ya blueprint but is still pretty good. It has a pretty diverse set of characters too.If you like YA, check out this boo!