Great Crochet Book

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This crochet book is amazing!!! So many cute patterns for kids and adults that are kids at heart. So many amazing patterns!!!
I love how the book is set up. It has various patterns for all skill level for crocheting. Each pattern gives you the level and explains that level of skills you need to complete the project, which I felt was amazing because some books don't have this clearly marked. Each pattern also gives the finished size, the hooks that will be needed, the yarn weight, the number of strands you will need, the gauge hooks you will need, stitch summary, skills, and specific crochet techniques needed to complete the specific project. It even has the specific crochet techniques explained in the back of the book which are clear and easy to follow and other tips and techniques when it comes to some of the sewing parts and other informative information.
Love this DYI crochet book. The layout is amazing, telling you step by step and even how to assemble the project.
If you never crocheted before this might be a little challenging but if you are familiar with crocheting, this is definitely a book I would recommend. I even love the added piece about wall art. And has add-ons you can add to your projects as options to change it up some.