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adorable creations!

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My first impression was of this cute cover. It is all beautiful and eye-catching. One can only hope their finished creation would be as adorable as the ones on the cover, right?

Let me start this off by saying that I'm a true and total beginner, as is my daughter who is hoping to learn with me. I'm horrid with my hands, and I pretty much guarantee that anything I create will NOT look like the fabulous works of art coming from the book, but I'm willing to try, haha.

The book is informative and adorable. There is a variety of pattern choices. Each pattern is well-written and easy enough to follow and read - which is extremely important for people like me. I think for books like this, it's important to have a physical copy... It's much easier than searching/looking on the internet when trying to learn.

My daughter and I both agree that the panda is our favorite.