Witchy Graphic Novel

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This is a cute witchy graphic novel. I really loved the art and it definitely kept my interest even when the story dragged. I think it had some good potential, but the main character, Emse, is really hard to connect to since literally half of this monster graphic novel is her whining about leaving her friends in California. I get the teenage angst thing but it felt like it went way too far and it stood in the way from plot progress. Emse and her parents lef their coven to live a normal human life but when something supernatural killed off most of a coven family her parents decide it’s time to leave Califnornia and head back to their coven home on the other side of the county. Emse is certain the coven isn’t her family, her human girlfriend and friends back in California are. I did really love the imagry. I also really liked the representation in the story, particularly the LGBTQA+.