Like a really good TV episode!

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This was like a really good episode, or series of episodes, of, say, "Buffy the Vampire-Slayer" or somesuch. In the book, they reference at one point the series "Supernatural," which I watched all of up until and through the series finale, but I thought that show really lost steam after season 3 or 4.

Anyway, this was a fun, exciting story about witchcraft and high-schoolers. From the cover and the build-up in the book, I thought there would be some sort of earth-shaking cataclysm and a show-down with some secret coven of evil witches, and there were some final revelations and some derring-do towards the end, but it wasn't an earth-in-the-balance kind of situation.

Most of the story deals with a boy who has lost his parents, and how our heroine doesn't like being forced by her parents to leave her life in sunny California and move to the family's old coven-town out east. So there's lots of emotional stuff, lots of high-school stuff, lots of finding and dealing with first romances and such things as that.

The art inside is pretty good, but as with pretty much all graphic novels, I wish the great level of skill and attention to detail that the cover shows were reflected throughout the entirety of the book. I don't like computer graphics being used to enhance or develop art, illustration, cartooning, but the computer graphics used for the cover are pretty subtle, and the rich colors add to the gorgeousness of the cover.

I will definitely look up other projects that the author Jennifer Dugan and the illustrator Kit Seaton have been involved with. Maybe I will read Dugan's novel "Hot Dog Girl" sometime.