Not Really My Type

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I appreciated what this book was going for, but it really wasn't my type of book. It's written by Miss America 1990, who recounts her relationship with God and how she has managed to find faith throughout her life.

When she recounted how she lost her mom to cancer, I definitely felt the emotion and loved how she used faith and God to get through it. The other stories about the successes and failures in her life were interesting to read and I genuinely enjoyed. Her several miscarriages were heartbreaking and as emotional as when she lost her mother to cancer. What I didn't love was the way she directed it onto the reader and tried coaching them in a way on how to use what works for her in her life. I understand the idea, but I don't like self-help books or lifestyle books because they preach change but really do nothing to help the reader. This might be the book for someone else, but it wasn't for me.