Great inspirational read for those who enjoy Christian books

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The author has a genuine and engaging style as she tells about her persistence and faith in striving to win the Miss Arkansas and ultimately the Miss America titles. She demonstrates her strong faith in her community and her trust in her faith in God. Some might like this book as it pertains to their particular faith, but as I am no longer into watching beauty pageants for teens/young women (I loved them when I was a little girl, but as I grew older, I wondered WHY they were awarding scholarships for women based on beauty &"poise" instead of awarding them for actual scholarship? Why are women judged this way and not men?? I had always been an excellent student and academic scholarships are actually difficult to achieve, so I thought resources could be better used if given for actual scholarly pursuits, not outward appearances) and I don't believe in putting my faith/future in religion, this book is not for me.